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Introducing our Chewy Cup Instant Vermicelli in Laotan Pickled Flavor: A tantalizing blend of tangy pickled goodness and satisfying chewy noodles in a convenient cup format.

Each cup of our Chewy Cup Instant Vermicelli is filled with premium quality vermicelli noodles infused with the distinctive flavor of Laotan pickles. With every slurp, you'll savor the tangy and slightly spicy notes of the pickles, perfectly complementing the chewy texture of the noodles for a truly satisfying meal.

Quick and easy to prepare, our Chewy Cup Instant Vermicelli is perfect for busy days when you need a delicious meal in minutes. Simply add hot water, wait a few moments, and enjoy a steaming bowl of flavorful vermicelli noodles that are ready to eat wherever you are.

Whether you're craving a quick lunch at work, a tasty snack at home, or a satistying meal on the go, our Laotan Pickled Flavor Chewy Cup Instant Vermicelli is the perfect choice.

Gourmet Instant Vermicelli - Laotan Pickled Flavor

  • This item is nonrefundable, but you may request a refund or replacement within 30 days of delivery if the item arrives to you damaged or is defective.

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